La Paz / Explore Mururata Mountain 1 Day Tour



  • 1 Bikes $ 220 USD. Per person
  • 2 or more Bikes $ 200 USD. Per person
  • Minimun of number participants 1.
  • Maximun of number participants 10
  • Price passenger: Not possible
  • Type of vehicle: Motorcycle Honda XR250-400 and Suzuki DR650
  • Climate, mild/cold.
  • Suggestions, Comfortable clothes-Extra money-sun glasses -camera and sun block.
  • Guided tour.
  • Frequency, Every day. With reservation.
  • Type route, Gravel hard pack and off road.
  • All tours begins at 8:00 - 9: 00 A.M.

Mururata,- is a mountain in the Cordillera Real of Bolivia. The Mururata lies to the North of the Illimani.

Local legend states that the shape of Mururata, a fairly flat-top as compared to neighboring Illimani, became that way due to an act of jealousy. Apparently Mururata was taller than the Illimani, so Illimani chopped off Mururata's head.

Early in the morning at 8:30 a.m. we will collect you from your hotel take you to our office where you will get your riding gear and most importantly you motorcycle .From here we head towards the Valley of the Souls .Great landscapes with giant natural needles. The name means moans produced by the wind through these formations.

Onto Placa Canon, this is a deep canon with nice landscapes and impressive geologic formations in the mild valley of Palca.

Palca, a picturesque village .It has a small but nice colonial church .It’s on the shores of Rio Palca which still has traces of gold mining activities.

After Palca road climbed up to reach the summit of the Cordillera Real , exploring for pedrosos and dangerous roads . The adventure lasts all day. You have to buy food in Palca , by the way no place to buy food . There's no phone signal , so you have to be very careful in driving the motorcycle. Then we have to go back for a road car in good condition.


  • Driver’s license. Motorcycle class.
  • Personal travel insurance.
  • Agreement and signature on risk document.
  • Minimum number of Participants 1.
  • Maximums number of participants 10


  • Basic equipment (jacket, helmet and gloves).
  • Adventure guide.
  • Fuel for the bike.
  • Transport (taxi).
  • Bolivian Basic insurance ("SOAT" covers only personal damage to third-party)


  • Meals, on the route (midday Lunch)
  • All entrance-fees for museums and parks. Personal expenses.
  • Damage insurance for the motorcycle.

Explore Mururata Mountain 1 Day Tour

DURATION 1 DAY TOURS (150 Km. Aprox.)
TYPE ROUTE Gravel hard pack and off road.
PRICE 1 Bikes $ 220 USD. Per person

2 or more Bikes $ 200 USD. Per person
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